Women's Handbags - Teefamm Fashion London

Women's Handbags - Teefamm Fashion London


A woman’s handbag does more than help her lug around essential tidbits. It says a lot about her personality as well as her creativity. If she’s not choosing a bag to match her carefully selected outfit, she wants to make a statement. 

Many women will tell you they even change bags, depending on the mood. The truth is, many women feel naked without a bag. Whether it is a huge tote bag or that miniature one Lizzo had at the Grammys, a handbag is a necessary accessory for a woman. 

Choosing the Right Handbag

Women’s leather shoulder bags may be more suited to the workplace, but even this one needs to be appropriately accessorized. Moreover, you must also choose the right one. Your choice of bag boils down to a couple of factors:

  • Practical requirements
  • Sense of style

Ultimately, you want a bag that you will not only enjoy wearing, but also it will fit your daily things. If you are going to a party, you do not lug around a big bag. Small bags are excellent for parties as well as travel. You need a big bag for work and to run errands. 

Hence, women’s leather shopper bags are the perfect choice for doing your mall run. However, you will need a smaller bag for your dinner date. It is ideal for your make up and keys as well as your smartphone. 

When you have events such as weddings that require you to dress up, clutch evening bags are your go-to choice. Therefore, when shopping for your bag, you must take into consideration the purpose of the handbag.

Trendy Bags

Fashion is dynamic. One season the little itsy bitsy bags are in and the next, nobody’s spotting them. If you are keen on keeping up with the trends, you need to keep an eye on which bags are in season. 

However, there are bags that never really go out of season. They are hot all year round. Leather bags, for instance, will always be in due to their durability as well as aesthetics. Consequently, many women ensure they have a cute leather bag or two in their collection. 

Quilted leather handbags are exceptional items to have. They are trendy, beautiful, and enduring. It is also essential to know that must-have bags cost a pretty penny. You should hold onto yours even if it goes out of fashion. 

Trends in fashion go in cycles. That pricey bag you bought will be back in season eventually. Do not toss it out just yet. 

Work Bags

The best bag for the workplace is one that is large enough to hold your everyday stuff as well as work documents. Women’s leather tote bags are ideal for the office. They are roomy, and you can easily carry one over your shoulder. 

Your choice of work bag will depend on how formal your workplace is. Choose colors that blend well with the office setting. Somber colors such as browns and blacks are great for the office as they are not distracting. They also help to retain that official look. 


Your choice of bag depends on several variables, such as style instincts and occasion. This is why women have various bags in different sizes and styles as well as colors. A handbag is meant to match your outfit as well as the event or place. 


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